Web Publisher Assistance

Logging into a database
To access the database that you want to get data from (query) to create your web page, Oracle Web Publishing Assistant asks you to enter the login information:

User Name
Type the User Name that you use to log in to the database you want to query. For example, a sample client user SCOTT is included with the starter database of your Oracle8 product.
Enter the password. The password will appear encrypted for security. For example, the password associated with the user SCOTT is TIGER.
Enter the service name or alias of the database you want to access. To connect to a local database (a database installed on the same machine as the Web Publishing Assistant), leave this field blank.

To use operating system authentication, do not enter the user name and password. The database uses your operating system user profile to log into the database.

See Chapter 3, “Working with Oracle Web Publishing Assistant” in Oracle Web Publishing Assistant for Windows NT for information on configuring Oracle Web Publishing Assistant to support operating system authentication